Who wants to save money while online shopping? Everyone does!  Slickdeals is a website that compiles coupon codes, sales and other deals from thousands of websites to help you find great deals!  

I am not getting paid to say any of this.  I love Slickdeals and I know you will too! 

Here what you need to know about Slickdeals:

Coupon Codes

Slickdeals has coupon codes for lots of websites like this one below I found for Kohl’s.  Sometimes Slickdeals even has Slickdeals exclusive coupons to Kohl’s where you have a chance to get a 40% off code.  

The below image is a screenshot of an old deal, the deal has expired.

Slickdeals also has coupon codes for specific brands found at popular stores like this one for Urban Decay lipstick bought at Macy’s.

The below image is a screenshot of an old deal, the deal has expired.

Detailed Instructions on how to use the Deal

Each deal you click on explains exactly how to get the deal.  This Amazon deal shows you the coupon code and tells you the deal is via and that it includes free shipping:

The below image is a screenshot of an old deal, the deal has expired.

For this deal at Lowe’s, Slickdeals explains that you must click on store pick up and gives you the coupon code to get the best price:

The below image is a screenshot of an old deal, the deal has expired.

Deal Alerts

You can set up deal alerts for your favorite products and stores.  So if there is a specific store, brand, or type of deal that interests you, you can have Slickdeals send you an email with an alert when a related deal is featured!  

Discounted Gift Card Coupon Codes

Slickdeals has deals for discounted gift cards.  I talked about it in my 5 Kitchen Remodel Money Saving Tips post, we use a lot of discount Lowe’s gift cards because that is where we buy a lot of our home improvement supplies.  Slickdeals has saved us hundreds of dollars this way!  Here is one I found for Nike:

The below image is a screenshot of an old deal, the deal has expired.

FREE Shipping

Does anyone else get really angry when you have to pay for shipping? Well, Slickdeals can help you avoid that issue!  Most deals on usually contain free shipping.

Comments and Reviews

You can look at comments from other consumers regarding each specific deal and the product.  These comments usually say if the deal worked if the deal is done or a review of the product.  This can be very helpful!

They have an App also has an app.  So you can do all of these things through the app as well!

Items we have bought using deals from Slickdeals

-Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

-SUNUV Gel Nail Polish Lamp (the lamp from my DIY Gel Manicure post)

-Kohl’s Coupon Codes

-Lowe’s discount gift cards

Toilet paper



And lots more!

I HIGHLY recommend using this deal saving website!  I suggest before you purchase something, go to Slickdeals and see if you can find a deal for that item or brand.  Or if you plan to price watch something you are saving for, look on Slickdeals frequently for a coupon code or discount gift cards.

There is no catch to this website, what you see is what you get, and what you get is awesome deals! Happy money saving 🙂

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