Simple DIY Wreath

I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I have been anxious to start decorating for Christmas so I have created this Simple DIY Wreath tutorial to show you how I made my Christmas wreath in 10 minutes!


Here are more really cute garland options:

Pearl Berry & LeavesPine & Berry Garland | Pine & Spruce | Pine with Berry Garland | Frost & Glitter Pine

More garlands from Michael’s here!

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Step 1: Prep

Cut the paddle wire into five-inch pieces using the needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Secure garland to wreath frame

Place the end of the first garland piece on the wire wreath frame closest to the center.  Use one piece of the paddle wire to twist and secure the garland to the frame. Make sure to secure the wire on the back side of the wreath.  Continue securing the garland with paddle wire four inches apart around the frame until the garland goes around the entire wreath frame once. 

Step 3: Secure and Wrap

Continue securing and wrapping with the first piece of garland from the inside of the wreath frame to the outside.  Once the first garland piece runs out, start securing the second piece of garland.  Wrap the garland around the wreath frame three times and cut off the remaining garland.

Step 5: Hang your wreath!

Choose the perfect spot for your wreath: front door, a window, the back of your bar stools anywhere your heart desires 🙂  I used a wreath hanger to hang my wreath on our garage door.

This wreath is great for not only Christmas but for the entire winter season as well!  I love how neutral and simple it is.  You can always add ribbon, flowers, bells or anything you want to jazz it up!  

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