One Room Challenge Week 6: Reveal-ish

Well, it’s week 6 and this is supposed to be the reveal week of the One Room Challenge… except for our bathroom and vanity room are not finished….  I guess you could say we failed this challenge ha!  But hey we made progress on this space and I am excited to show you that!

Refresher on the space we are remodeling:

Bathroom remodel for the one room challenge


We finished our beautiful shower early, which went very smoothly!  We used this tile to surround the shower and this faucet/showerhead.



I got the shower curtain from TJ Maxx but I linked a few similar shower curtains below:

Bath rug


The new toilet and decor above the toilet are all finished!



I purchased these frames and faux plant from Target and the prints from Etsy. (floral print & world print)

Vanity Room

I did hang up this beautiful wallpaper from Serene & Lily!  It was scary for my first time installing wallpaper but I got the hang of it and now I feel like I can wallpaper everywhere 😉

The mirror in the vanity isn’t hung yet because we need the countertops installed first ( sorry for the bad lighting).


This is a pic of the floor tile that was installed last week!  We used this tile in white 12″X24″.


Here is a pic of decor I can’t use yet:

Gray large vase 8X10 Wooden Fram  Vanity room rug bath rug Larger faux plant smaller faux succulent 14×18 wooden frames

This One Room Challenge, believe it or not, was a lot of fun!  Even though we didn’t finish in the 6 weeks, we still made lots of progress and I can’t wait to show you the final reveal!  Next time I participate I will have to remind myself to pick a bedroom, not a bathroom 🙂  Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the FINAL reveal of this space.

See what we checked off!

Part 1 (week 1):

  1. Demo shower/tub
  2. Install new shower
  3. Install shower tile

Part 2 (weeks 2-6):

  1. Flooring demo
  2. Install floor tile
  3. Install toilet
  4. Paint custom Vanities
  5. Install vanities
  6. Install new interior doors
  7. Order and install countertops
  8. Install vanity plumbing
  9. Paint storage cabinets
  10. Install new doors on vanity room cabinets
  11. Install hardware
  12. Trimwork
  13. Install new window covering
  14. Choose vanity lights
  15. Install new vanity lights
  16. maybe install wallpaper in the bathroom


  1. Decide on wallpaper for vanity room
  2. Decide on fun knobs for vanity room
  3. Install wallpaper
  4. Install knobs
  5. Mirrors
  6. Rugs-Ordered!
  7. Wall art
  8. Window covering
  9. Decor Accents-Ordered!

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Make sure you follow along on my Instagram stories!  Also, you can check out all of the other ORC participants and their room makeovers here!

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8 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 6: Reveal-ish”

  1. Your design taste is amazing! With the myriad of choices I am so impressed you can narrow your selections down so quickly. The decorating shows all have a staff and do this full time so just wow!

    1. LiliesandLife

      Aww thank you so much, Susan!! I really appreciate that 🙂 I wish we could have finished, but we made lots of progress so it will be exciting when it is all finished! I will be excited to just relax and not have my house is chaos haha 🙂


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