One Room Challenge Week 5: Design Plan

This week we got  A LOT done for the Fall One Room Challenge!  The bathroom was demoed, the vanities and doors were all painted and the flooring is almost installed!  I have fully excepted now that we will not finish this space in six weeks 🙁  I feel a little bummed because I really thought we could do it, but realize we had a lot of other things going on (like a vacation and my sister’s wedding :)) that kept us busy!  I am still excited about finishing this space and can’t wait to show you how far it’s come.

bathroom vanity room design plan

Here are all of my posts thus far for this One Room Challenge:

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Design Board

I have finally finished the design board for this space!  It has the main aspects of the design and then lots of my decor ideas.  I just love seeing a room come together 🙂

A before refresher:


This week we completely demoed the flooring along with the old vanities so we could prepare for the tile floor install.  This went surprisingly smooth!

The beautiful flooring will be installed tomorrow!  So once the grout dries we can install the new vanities (hopefully this weekend)!


I got both of the mirrors for this space from TJ Maxx AKA the best place to buy affordable large mirrors (like I mention in my Decorating on a Budget: Part 2 post).

Wallpaper Installation

I will be installing the wallpaper this weekend when I have time.  I am a little nervous about this since I have never installed wallpaper, but I have been reading lots of tutorials so I feel pretty good about it!  Wish me luck 🙂

Other Updates

Before the end of this challenge, my hope is that we get everything finished except for the countertops.  Those babies will take another two weeks to order and install so we will be waiting on countertops.  I plan to do a blog post on painting cabinet doors and installing wallpaper in the upcoming weeks based on my experience during this One Room Challenge.  So keep an eye out for those!

Here is what we checked off this week:

Part 1 (week 1):

  1. Demo shower/tub
  2. Install new shower
  3. Install shower tile

Part 2 (weeks 2-6):

  1. Flooring demo
  2. Install floor tile
  3. Install toilet
  4. Paint custom Vanities
  5. Install vanities
  6. Install new interior doors
  7. Order and install countertops
  8. Install vanity plumbing
  9. Paint storage cabinets
  10. Install new doors on vanity room cabinets
  11. Install hardware
  12. Trimwork
  13. Choose vanity lights
  14. Install new vanity lights


  1. Decide on wallpaper for vanity room
  2. Decide on fun knobs for vanity room
  3. Install wallpaper
  4. Install knobs
  5. Mirrors
  6. Rugs-Ordered!
  7. Wall art- Ordered!
  8. Window covering
  9. Decor Accents

ORC Week 1 Post  /  ORC Week 2 Post  /  ORC Week 3 Post / ORC Week 4 Post

Make sure you follow along on my Instagram stories!  Also, you can check out all of the other ORC participants and their room makeovers here!

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    1. LiliesandLife

      Thank you so much Libbie! I am excited to finish up, but we won’t finish by this Thursday (week 6)… I guess that is why it is a challenge right? ha!

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