One Room Challenge: Week 4 Wallpaper and More

Welcome to my week 4 update on our upstairs bathroom and vanity room remodel!  This challenge got a lot more challenging this week!  We primed and starting painting all of the doors and cabinets for our custom vanities and I made my final decision which wallpaper I am going to use for the vanity room accent wall!

One Room Challenge Week 4 Update: wall paper desicion


I FINALLY chose my wallpaper for the accent wall in the vanity room!

Drum roll, please……..  I chose this wallpaper Serena & Lily: Feather Wallpaper in Denim.  It is simple, neutral and blue.  Three of my favorite things 🙂

These images from Erin at The Heart & Haven sold me on this wallpaper.  So elegant and fun:

The Heart and Haven Kitchen Image

(Photo: The Heart & Haven)

(Photo: The Heart & Haven)

Window Coverings

I also ordered the blinds for my one window in this space:

I would normally go with a white blind because I love white and airy spaces, but I decided to go with a very light tan/neutral woven blind from  The Economy Woven Wood Shades in Sanibel Natural is a light and peaceful color that I think will really make this space beautiful! economy woven wood shade in sanibel natural


The flooring will hopefully be installed the week of October 29th.  The flooring needs about three days to be tiled.  We can then get the vanities installed and then the countertops templated.  So right now a lot of the project is at a standstill.  After the flooring is finished we will be on the home stretch and just waiting around for the countertops to come in.  I’m really nervous we won’t finish at the 6-week mark, but I guess that is why this is a challenge right? 🙂

This week I also bought a few more decor items that I am super excited about, but will show you later 🙂

Part 1 (week 1):

  1. Demo shower/tub
  2. Install new shower
  3. Install shower tile

Part 2 (weeks 2-6):

  1. Flooring demo
  2. Install floor tile
  3. Install toilet
  4. Paint custom Vanities (halfway there!)
  5. Install vanities
  6. Install new interior doors
  7. Order and install countertops
  8. Install vanity plumbing
  9. Paint storage cabinets
  10. Install new doors on vanity room cabinets
  11. Install hardware
  12. Trimwork
  13. Choose vanity lights
  14. Install new vanity lights


  1. Decide on wallpaper for vanity room
  2. Decide on fun knobs for vanity room
  3. Install wallpaper
  4. Install knobs
  5. Mirrors
  6. Rugs
  7. Wall art
  8. Window covering
  9. Decor Accents

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Bathroom remodel update for a modern, peaceful design using a gray, white and blue color scheme. Follow along on this One Room Challenge for bathroom ideas and remodel updates! #ORC #OneRoomChallenge #bathroomideas #bathroomremodel

Make sure you follow along on my Instagram stories!  Also, you can check out all of the other ORC participants and their room makeovers here!

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