One Room Challenge Week 3: Vanities & Mood Board

It’s already week three of the One Room Challenge and we still have A LOT to do!  This week our custom vanities were delivered and I worked on the rest of my mood board!

Here is a refresher on the layout of the space we are remodeling:

Bathroom remodel for the one room challenge

Floor Tile

This space only has one small window so we chose this tile in white 12″x24″ for the floor tile! It is a white/light gray tile that I think will really brighten up the space!

white tile

Vanity Cabinets

I ended up choosing Mineral Gray from Sherwin Williams for the vanity cabinets.   This dark blue-grayish color is FAB and I love it!

Mineral Gray Sherwin Williams

My uncle actually made the vanities, doors, and drawers for us and he did an amazing job!  It is now my job to paint everything.


Besides the two new custom vanities, we are also putting new doors and drawers on the storage cabinet in the vanity room.  About a year ago, I painted the current storage cabinets, doors and drawers all white, but that was temporary.  So now I need to fill in some cracks, sand the cabinets and put a fresh coat of white on them before we install the brand new doors.

Mood Board

I also created my mood board this week!  A mood board helps me gather important aspects of the design all into one image so I can see our vision for the space.

Lilies and Life Mood Board for the upstairs bathroom and vanity room

I am still deciding on the wallpaper for the vanity room as I talked about in last week’s post.  I  am really struggling with choosing the wallpaper… I did pick one of the wallpaper samples I am leaning towards to include in the mood board above, but that is subject to change 🙂

Here are some of the wallpaper samples I received:


This past week I did decide on simple modern vanity lights for both the bathroom and vanity room.

Lowe's lighting

Other Updates

I did find out that the tile floor is going to be installed at the end of next week.  This makes me a little worried that everything is going to be pushed back a week.  I am also concerned with how long the countertops to the vanities will take to get in because we can’t get them templated until the floor and vanities are installed.  The countertops will probably be the last thing we will be waiting on.  In the meantime, my goal for this week is to paint all the vanity cabinets and doors, buy some of the decor, make a final decision on wallpaper (this will be difficult!) and start demoing the floor and old vanities!

My Checklist:

We didn’t really check anything off my checklist this week… We were on vacation.  But I have been doing a lot of online browsing and collecting of samples.   Of course, I keep adding things to the checklist too so that doesn’t help ha!

Part 1 (week 1):

  1. Demo shower/tub
  2. Install new shower
  3. Install shower tile

Part 2 (weeks 2-6):

  1. Flooring demo
  2. Install floor tile
  3. Install toilet
  4. Paint custom Vanities 
  5. Install vanities
  6. Install new interior doors
  7. Order and install countertops
  8. Install vanity plumbing
  9. Paint storage cabinets
  10. Install new doors on vanity room cabinets
  11. Install hardware
  12. Trimwork
  13. Choose vanity lights
  14. Install new vanity lights


  1. Decide on wallpaper for vanity room
  2. Decide on fun knobs for vanity room
  3. Install wallpaper
  4. Install knobs
  5. Mirrors
  6. Rugs
  7. Wall art
  8. Window covering
  9. Decor Accents

ORC Week 1 Post

ORC Week 2 Post

Bathroom remodel update for a modern, peaceful design using a gray, white and blue color scheme. Follow along on this One Room Challenge for bathroom ideas and remodel updates! #ORC #OneRoomChallenge #bathroomideas #bathroomremodel

Make sure you follow along on my Instagram stories!  Also, you can check out all of the other ORC participants and their room makeovers here!



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    1. LiliesandLife

      Hey, thanks Portella!! Unfortunately, we are STILL not finished LOL we have gotten very lazy during this winter season but hope to finish it up in the next month. I will do a full reveal post once it is finished. Thanks for following along 🙂

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