Nursery Closet Reveal with Wayfair

Tah Dah!! The long-awaited nursery closet reveal is finally here! I partnered up with Wayfair to take my ugly, unfunctional closet to organized and spacious for baby boy Fritsch 🙂

The opinions expressed here are that of Emily Fritsch from Lilies and Life. While the products in this post were given complimentary for this sponsored blog post, that does not alter the opinion of the products mentioned.

This closet was my office closet, now it’s baby boy’s!!
The old closet system had these HUGE nails we had to take out…
More About the Closet System

This is the Dotted Line closet system from Wayfair. It is a very affordable, yet great quality system that fits perfectly into my 60″W closet. The basic closet system does not come with drawers or extra shelves, but the greatest thing about this system is that you can add whatever you want to it by purchasing the pieces separately.

The closet system was a lot easier to assemble than I thought it was going to be once I started to really read the directions and understand the process. I would say the hardest part about assembly was making sure the drawers were level when installed. The drawers themselves were VERY easy to assemble but adding them to the closet system was a bit tricky.

This was one of the drawers. This long strip folded up to create the frame of the drawer. So easy!

The entire closet system is held up by this metal bar running through the back of the closet that is screwed into as many studs as you can find.

The clothing rods were very simple to hang and are adjustable which is very convinient!

If you love my baby closet dividers, check them out here:

Overall, I would recommend this closet system to someone looking for an affordable closet organization and who doesn’t mind assembling things!


Closet System

Extra Shelves

Extra Drawers

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