My White Quartz Countertop Search

During our Kitchen Remodel, we really struggled with choosing the right countertops for our kitchen.  David and I both knew we wanted white, shaker style cabinets, but our opinions differed on what we wanted for our countertops.  I wanted a quartz marble look-alike and David didn’t know what he wanted… typical guy 😉

I LOVE the look of Carrara marble countertops and white cabinets, but during our quest for the right countertops, we learned that quartz and granite are more durable and easier to care for than marble, plus they are more affordable!  So we determined we were going to choose quartz countertops.

We visited two local countertop stores recommended by my uncle and narrowed down our options to following white quartz countertops:

  1. LG Viatera Rococo
  2. LG Viatera Minuet
  3. LG Viatera Everest 

LG Viatera Rococo, Minuet, and Everest White Quartz Countertops

I scoured the internet for images of kitchens with white cabinets and all three of these countertops

LG Viatera Rococo:

I think Rococo looks the most like Calacatta marble.  It has more noticeable veins and the background color is bright white.

LG Viatera Rococo White Quartz Countertops

LG Viatera Rococo White Quartz Countertops

(photo credit:

LG Viatera Minuet:

Minuet looks more like Carrara Marble because of the softer veining and grayer background color.  It is a really beautiful quartz!  

LG Viatera Minuet White Quartz Countertops

Kitchen with LG Viatera Minuet White Quartz Countertops and white cabinets

(photo credit:

LG Viatera Everest:

Everest doesn’t look anything like marble.  It has a unique texture and includes colors of bright white, gray, and even some metallics.  When I first saw Everest I was thinking “WOW this is so beautiful and unique.”   

LG Viatera Everest Quartz countertop, white, gray metalic countertops

(photo credit:

David and I ended up really liking LG Viatera Everest!  So while searching for LG Viatera Everest quartz pictures online, I found Carrie Barker’s kitchen on a website and then found her Instagram account.  Carrie’s Instagram pictures made me fall in love with LG Viatera Everest!  Thank you, Carrie #kitchengoals 🙂  (She also has a really awesome blog now that you should check out!)

Carrie Bakers kitchen with LG Viatera Everest Quartz countertops

(photo credit: Carrie Barker)

Seeing the online pictures of our three countertop options in an entire kitchen was so helpful.  We realized Rococo and Minuet were too white for us and that Everest was perfect!

Here are a few pictures of our countertops after they were installed!  We LOVE them!!!

white and gray countertops, LG Viatera Everest Quartz countertops

LG Viatera Everest White Quartz Countertops

LG Viatera Everest White Quartz Countertops with flowers and cutting board

Kitchen remodel with LG Viatera Everest White Quartz Countertops

Kitchen remodel with LG Viatera Everest White Quartz Countertops

Kitchen remodel with LG Viatera Everest White Quartz Countertops

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If you are in search of the perfect white countertops, I hope this post helps you make a decision 🙂


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75 thoughts on “My White Quartz Countertop Search”

  1. Hi Emily!!!

    Your kitchen looks STUNNING! My husband and I just decided to go with the white cabinets and Everest, as well, but are still struggling with tile and paint colors. Would you share what colors you used for the tile and wall paint? I love the look!

    Thank you,

    1. LiliesandLife

      Thank you so much, Shannon! So we used this tile in fog glossy: (it is a lighter gray color) and my wall color in the kitchen is Temperate Taupe from Sherwin Wiliams! I LOVE Everest so much you will not be disappointed! Let me know if you have any more questions and I would love to see your kitchen when it is done 🙂

  2. Julie Miller

    Your kitchen looks beautiful!! We just bought quartz in Everest. I am so excited!! Did you do an eased edge on your countertops?

    1. LiliesandLife

      Thank you so much Julie! Yes, we did an eased edge! I just love Everest! How are you liking it?

    2. Barbara Strube

      Thankd so much. I to have been sourering the internet. Where did u buy? It would really help mr.
      Thankd again.

      1. LiliesandLife

        Your local countertop store should carry this brand of countertops! I think Home Depot also carries this brand.

  3. I’m also considering Everest for my kitchen. How hard is it to keep clean? I’m replacing black granite that always shows fingerprints, crumbs, Ext and need something that’s easier maintenance!

    1. LiliesandLife

      Linda, we have had our our countertops for about 6 months now and I LOVE them so much! They don’t show finger prints at all and with the little specs in the quartz it is sometimes even hard to see crumbs! So I would say it is super low maintenance!

  4. Can you tell me what the name is of the flooring? We have picked the same counter and cabinets for our beach condo and are struggling with the floor colors. Thanks!

  5. I just started my countertop search this weekend. I love the look of Everest at Home Depot and immediately started looking on the web for completed kitchens. Your kitchen is beautiful! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures.

  6. I just ordered Everest and was searching Pinterest for pictures! I’ve got knotty pine cabinets and red painted walls – so it won’t be white like yours 😄 but I’m hoping it still turns out beautiful. On IG wendynalder79

    1. LiliesandLife

      I’m so glad that my post was helpful!! It helps so much to see the countertops in a real kitchen doesn’t it? Good luck with the remodel and I am sure it will be beautiful 🙂

  7. Wow so happy to come across this post. I have been scouring internet for weeks now for countertops. I have white cabinets and dark gray island base. One of my first samples that caught my eye was Everest. At first then I thought it was too “busy” and now have been leaning towards LG Quartet. NOW, that it’s time to commit I’m thinking Quartet might be too plain for us …..ugh this is sooooo stressful! I have a black granite now that I hate and can’t wait to get rid of. I know either would be beautiful, just having a hard time making a final commitment. Your kitchen looks beautiful.

    1. LiliesandLife

      Kerri! I am so glad I could help! I LOVE Everest. I thought it was too busy at first too, but then with the white cabinets, I really love it. Everest seems more subtle than I thought once it was installed, yet it hides the crumbs if you forget to clean your counter 😉 I really love LC Quartet too though 🙂 Good luck and I am so happy you left me a comment!

      1. Could I ask your opinion on something? So my kitchen and house is more “casual”…..I’m going with a white farm sink and black hardware, natural oak wood floors….majority of the pics I am seeing the kitchens look more formal with Everest. Do you think Everest could go either way? I just looked at Carolineondesign’s instagram and her kitchen and entire house are just GORGEOUS, but I don’t have that same style thru out my house. Just wondering if you could envision your Everest with a white farmhouse sink, black hardware, natural oak floors….I do want either a subway tile or that moroccan style in either white or a light gray.
        Thank you!! 🙂

        1. LiliesandLife

          Kerri, I think if I were you I would maybe go with the Quartet as you mentioned before. I just looked up Quartet and it still looks like it is true white in color. The dark hardware and natural oak floors might be too much with the Everest. Then you could still either do the subway tile or Moroccan style in white or gray. Plus the Quartet is so beautiful too! I don’t think Everest would look bad either, but Quartet would be my choice because it isn’t as busy.

          1. Thanks for your response. Family vote was for the Everest since it has a little more going on. I felt quartet was a bit too plain. I hope it all still will tie together. I think / hope It will. I am doing a simpler backsplash for sure. Thanks for your reply 🙂

          2. LiliesandLife

            I think it will look beautiful!! You should send me some pictures when you finish! Good luck 🙂

      2. I am patiently waiting for my Everest countertops! We have a new black island and had our perimeter cabinets painted a light grey color. Praying I love it, as much as I loved the small samples in the show room and praying it all goes together!

        1. LiliesandLife

          Lauren, you will love it! I was a little nervous at first, but am so happy with Everest now! Your design sounds beautiful!

  8. Hi! I am also looking at the Everest quartz for a soft white U shaped kitchen and a side hutch area of navy blue. Do you think the Everest would look ok with the blue? I’m still looking for it in person.

    Thanks! Your kitchen is really lovely. These decisions are SOOOO hard to make!

  9. Hi. I am also looking at for the right countertop. Your kitchen looks beautiful! Thanks for your choices. I also love your hardware. Would you please let me know what brand or where you bought them?
    Thank you!

  10. Thank you for this post!! We just bought an Everest quartz top for our bathroom vanity, and I was searching for photos that showed it in large scale. We chose a white vanity and gray wood-grained LVT which looks exactly like your kitchen! So nice to see how it all comes together!

    1. LiliesandLife

      That sounds beautiful!! Seeing actual pictures of real spaces helps SO much! I am so happy you feel good about your decisions 🙂 Everest is SO pretty you will love it!

  11. Nice article, Emily!

    Can you recommend any granite sealer? I’ve used many options but now I’m looking for ways to improve. Thanks!

    1. LiliesandLife

      Robert, I’m not sure which granite sealer our installers used… Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

  12. I LOVE this post. Thank you so much for your pictures. I have white shaker cabinets and I’ve been going back and forth between Everest and Rococo. I love how Rococo looks more like marble but it doesn’t have the same “wow” factor that Everest has. I really wanted a marble look, but now I’m leaning towards Everest. I love your subway tile with it. I saw the link you posted but don’t see an option for purchasing it. Where can I find it to buy? Love this look! Thanks again!

    1. LiliesandLife

      This makes me so happy that I could be helpful in your decision! And totally agree on Rococo vs Everest. Rococo has the more neutral marble look, but Everest brings more fun. My husband made the final decision because I got the white cabinets ha! Now I am so happy we went with Everest! They are great quality and don’t show crumbs as much as something more like Rococo would 🙂 The tile I linked is the brand of tile we bought from a local shop in Rochester, MN. I am not sure if most tile shops carry this brand, but it was really nice tile and very affordable. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful with that!

  13. Thank you! I’ll keep looking for the tile. We changed our choice from Rococo to Everest yesterday due in large part to your post. I was so afraid that the Rococo would show every crumb and finger print and loved how you said Everest doesn’t. My one concern is that it looks so much darker on a full slab than it does on the samples and in your pictures. Did you notice the same thing?

  14. Jeanne Keeler

    Hi! I enjoyed your post about your quartz countertop search. I am leaning toward Rococo for a small Lakehouse bathroom. Plus I am a bit limited on choices because we are trying to get a remnant piece, Rococo is available. I am going with white subway for the shower and a white vanity and a warm gray floor. I know that sounds like a lot of white but I am not a huge fan of a lot of gray. What color would you suggest to give a little contrast to my bathroom?

    1. LiliesandLife

      That sounds beautiful! I love white too 🙂 I think a navy blue or a grayish blue would be a fun accent to the white. How were you thinking of accenting? In the decor accents or something like wallpaper?

  15. This post and the comments were EXACTLY what I was looking to read! Thank you Emily! Like others who commented, I’ve had so much angst about the quartz selection for our new kitchen which will have white cabinets. I was torn between the marble look – LG Rococo, Quartet and Minuet, all so pretty – and something with a little more “color” – LG Everest. In the end, while I love the marble looks, I was thinking the countertops might look to be kind of plain white, so I selected the Everest. I haven’t seen it installed yet, but this has really removed my concern! If anyone has a seam in their Everest or marble-like quartz, can you let me know how it looks? We will have a seam in our very large island, and that was another reason I selected Everest. I thought it would be less visible. Thanks again Emily for the post and pictures!

    1. LiliesandLife

      This makes me so happy my post was helpful 🙂 I will take a picture of the seam when I get home and email it to you! Honestly, I have no idea where the seam it so that is probably good right!? ha! Also, we put countertops in our upstairs bathroom that look more like Rococo and you can definitely see the mess/dry shampoo/makeup a lot easier than any type of food mess we make in our kitchen on the Everest countertops. So excited for you!

    2. Hi I just had Everest installed yesterday. I was torn between Rococo and Everest and always second guessing my purchases. I had a plain beige laminate with honey oak cabinets which are getting painted white. I choose Everest because I though Rococo would be too much white. I an getting used to the Everest. I kept going back to it every time I looked at quartz. We had a seam right by the dishwasher. They did an absolutely wonderful job on the seam. It is not noticeable at all. I think you will love it.

      1. LiliesandLife

        I love my Everest counter tops! My husband also thought white cabinets with white counter tops would be too much. So glad to hear you are liking Everest as well 🙂

  16. Could you either post a picture of your quartz seam or email it to me? I am thinking about Everest too.

  17. Hi Emily!

    We are currently looking at new countertops and cabinets and like you, I was torn between the Everest or the more marble look.

    I was wondering what color your kitchen cabinets are? I was considering either a cotton ball (softer white) cabinet color or cloud which is a slightly creamier look to go with the Everest countertops . I am also considering doing the island in a soft gray color but unsure how it will all come together. What’s your thoughts on this?

    I’m very visual so without seeing it altogether, it’s hard to be sure. Your post helps me to be able to have that visual. Your kitchen turned out beautiful.

    1. LiliesandLife

      Emily, I’m not sure the exact color of our cabinets, but I do know our trim is Pure White from Sherwin Williams and the cabinet color is so close to that color you can’t tell the difference. I think an island in a soft gray would look beautiful! I love my Everest countertops and think it goes well with white and gray 🙂

  18. Hi Emily,

    I love your kitchen and quartz countertop. I love everest. We will be getting light cream cabinets and a navy island. Do you think everest would go with navy and cream? What floor colour would you think will match?

    Thanks Sarah

    1. LiliesandLife

      Sarah, I wouldn’t say everest has any cream tint to it at all. So I would be a little nervous about that. What is the white color you plan to paint the cabinets?

    2. Hi Emily. We got our everest countertops today. I LOVE them so much. Our kitchen cabinets are navy and cashmere. We also got it as a back splash. I thought it might be too much, but it’s not. I think it’s fabulous. ❤️❤️

      1. LiliesandLife

        Sarah, that sounds BEAUTIFUL! I love our Everest countertops as well! I’m glad you are loving your kitchen 🙂

  19. I am remodeling a beach house kitchen with white shaker cabinets and Everest countertops. I chose a white glossy Spanish subway tile for the backsplash. The tile edges are not perfectly straight. I am not sure if I should go with a white or light grey grout for the tile? Any thoughts?

    1. LiliesandLife

      Maria, that sounds beautiful!  I think would do the light gray grout if I were you!  but both would be beautiful!

  20. Hi Emily,

    Your kitchen is beautiful!!!! I’m starting my own kitchen renovation and was considering Minuet vs. Rococo too :). Now, I’m think Everest would be a nice touch. Decisions, decisions. LOL. I had a few questions, I was hoping you could help me with:
    1. Did you go through Home Depot to purchase your counter and cabinets? The Rococo sample I got looks a tad bit busier than yours. Where would you recommend I purchase my materials from?
    2. What kind of white cabinets did you select? Is that pure white or off white?
    3. Lastly, I’m debating between a waterproof bamboo Berkley floor vs. a gray vinyl plank. What flooring and color did you guys use?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    1. LiliesandLife

      We purchased our countertop through Penske Edge in Rochester, MN. DeGeus Tile in Rochester, MN also has Everest. If you live in Rochester try those places, if not, look at your local tile/countertop stores. Get quotes from them all and then pick the most affordable option! Our cabinets are Pure White from Sherwin Williams (not off white at all). Both of those flooring options sound beautiful! We have a discontinued laminate from Pergo called Hildalgo Oak. It’s a gray color. Looks so good with the white cabinets. But so many flooring options would look beautiful with white cabinets. I hope this helps 🙂

  21. Your kitchen is beautiful. We have just had our cabinets all painted white, with a light gray island. I think we are going to get the Viatera Everest for our countertops. Can you give me your opinion of colors of flooring that will look good with this? Yours is very pretty, but not sure we want gray or not? We were looking at the lifeproof brand at Home Depot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    1. LiliesandLife

      Kristy, If I were to pick another flooring color I would choose a lighter brown/neutral color. I would stay away from super red or warm toned looks. I like the Deerbrook Trail color a lot! I hope this helps 🙂

  22. Love your kitchen and colors, very serine! Can you tell me what your tile name and/or color is you used with Everest? I like it and couldn’t find any other questions about your tile backsplash. Thank you for your time.

    1. LiliesandLife

      I got this tile from DeGeus Tile in Rochester, MN. The brand is Oogle and the tile color is fog glossy.

  23. Your kitchen is beautiful!!! I am in the process of picking out materials for my kitchen renovation. The cabinetry will be white shaker style (just like yours!). I want the backsplash to be quartz as well for ease of cleaning. I love Everest but I wonder if it will be too busy?? Other options are Minuet and Clarino (just unsure how this one will go with white cabinets). Rococo (which I love!) is not an option as I have it in both bathrooms. The floors will stay the same….wood oak color. Ugh!!! This is the worst part of a remodel. So many options!! And this is my “forever” kitchen. Thoughts?

    1. LiliesandLife

      Coral, if you are doing the quartz as a backsplash, I would do Minuet for the countertops and backsplash. Everest I think may be too busy as a backsplash. Minuet is BEAUTIFUL, simple and clean! I hope this helps 🙂

      1. Thank you for the reply. Minuet will definitely give it a clean look but I wonder if it would be too much of the same since I have Rococco in both bathrooms. I REALLY like Everest though. 😩 I may have to come to terms with a tile backsplash. Is there such thing as a tile backsplash that will be timeless? If so, can you please share ideas?

  24. I sympathize with all those trying to pick out counter tops! I’m struggling, too, trying to decide if Minuet is OK in a north facing kitchen. And then what color white to paint my cabinets?! Help anyone? Everest is beautiful but not a good fit for me. Elizabeth

  25. Your website posts and everyone’s love of Everest helped me pick it. It was installed today and it has a much stronger pattern than I was expecting from the sample and photos. I am hoping that it grows on me, because I really wanted to love it. I picked it because the gray undertones can look a tad beige which helped it match our dark cabinets. Once the rest of the kitchen is done, I am hoping it comes together more.

    My question is whether your finish of Everest is a bit dull. We thought it was going to be a glossy surface, but ours looks dull immediately after installation. We had granite before and it was shiny/glossy. So wondering if this is the glossiest that quartz comes or if the order was incorrect.

    1. LiliesandLife

      My Everest I would say isn’t really glossy but it is still shiny… I honestly don’t know how the matte-glossy scale works with quartz. I would ask your supplier and how they finished it off. I hope this helps!

    2. Karen, I am almost ready to order Everest, but have concerns about the busy pattern being too much on my 6×6 island. Has the Everest grown on you or do you regret your purchase?

  26. Julie Livelt

    Just getting started with my kitchen! Picked Everest and linen shaker cabinet style! Been looking through tones of tile to find my backsplash! Happy to have come across your page !

    1. Julie Lively

      Apparently I’m not paying attention to my typing! That’s tons of tile and my
      Last name
      Is Lively 😂

  27. Hi Emily! Love your kitchen! You helped confirm that Everest is the right countertop for our remodel . I hope I can find a similar backsplash! I’m very curious about your wood plank ceiling. Do you have a blog about that project? I love it and would love more information about it! Thanks!

    1. LiliesandLife

      I am so happy I could help confirm your choice of Everest! I love Everest!
      Here is my blog post on out planked ceiling:

  28. Your kitche looks gorgeous. What type of cabinets did you use? Are they wood, a combination of wood and playwood?
    where did you find them.

    1. LiliesandLife

      Yenny, Thank you! My Cabinets are painted maple wood cabinets and I purchased them from a local cabinet maker in Rochester, MN.

  29. Thanks so much for this post! I’m planning on white shaker style cabinets, and I fell in love with the subtle sparkle in Everest quartz, which is what led me to your blog.

    My question for you is: Do you think Everest would look okay with a neutral floor tile that’s a little on the warmer side (cream/beige)? I’m trying to avoid the all white-and-grey kitchen look and whatever flooring we use in the kitchen will have to look okay next to traditional white oak hardwood in the other downstairs rooms.

    I’d also love to bring in some color with a light aqua or light blue paint on the walls. Could you see that working with Everest? I’d probably use a simple white tile backsplash in this case since the countertops are busy. Thanks!

  30. Hi! Your kitchen looks beautiful. Based on the photos, I get it now why you decided to get Rocco. It’s really good look. Plus, it adds some colors with those black and grey veins. Like what I’ve read, veins actually liven up the room. Check this post and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  31. Kathryn Johnson

    For the everest kitchen that you posted pictures of, are your cabinets pure white or more like a dove white? I am leaning toward the dove cabinets as white seems just too stark. Deciding between Everest, Rococo and Karis. Thanks for your photos and would love to know thoughts about cabinets,

    1. LiliesandLife

      Kathryn, My cabinets are Extra white so they do have a slightly cooler tone to them. Dove white would look beautiful too! I love all your countertop choices!

  32. I just started looking at quartz counters by LG Hausys in White Pearl, which I love. I started reading a lot of bad reviews for this brand as far as staining and discolorations in the counters from day 1 of installation. Most of the reviews were 3-4 years ago. Everyone here sounds happy with the quality. Does anyone care to comment?

  33. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m certainly delighted I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

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