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Full Service Interior Design

From start to finish, my local interior design service covers every project detail. I'll be on-site to discuss your vision, review your space, and gain insight into your personal style. I’ll help execute each step of the project from helping you find he right contractor to personally installing furniture and decor. Overwhelmed with where to start with your project? Or want to achieve a look you know you'll actually love?

This service is for anyone looking to complete small to medium size remodeling projects or large decorating projects within a 30-mile radius of Rochester, MN.

How It Works:

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Step Seven
Step eight

Complete design questionnaire & free in-home consultation.

Quote & Contract


Initial ideas sent to client

Design boards are adjusted

Design is finalized and items are purchased

Install and style decor and furniture

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Install and style dajdkslfjdkalsdjfklasdecor and furniture

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