Kitchen Remodel Reveal

Remodeling our kitchen was the biggest project for us so far!  We have done small remodels like our fireplace and railing, but a kitchen remodel is a much bigger project.  The entire remodel took about two months which I think is actually pretty short for a kitchen.

I hope this posts gives inspiration to others that are looking to remodel their kitchen and ideas to people seeking ways to update the most popular room in their house.  HUGE shoutout to my uncle Fran for his guidance, labor, advice and help!  Also thanks to my dad, Dan, and brother in-law, Andy for helping David and Fran install the cabinets!

Check out this transformation video I made: 


What did we all change?  Well… pretty much everything!  Here are a few before pictures of our kitchen:

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Planked Ceiling

The first project in the kitchen was planking the ceiling.  See my full tutorial on how we did that here. 

Cabinets: White Shaker Style Cabinets

We bought our cabinets through a local cabinet shop. 






We decided to get all new appliances except for a dishwasher.  We bought a refrigerator, oven range and microwave all at Lowe’s.  David used his price watching and deal finding skills to get us an amazing deal on all three of the appliances.

For some reason, Lowe’s is out of stock of our appliances now, but I have linked them to another store so you can check them out.

Update 8/30/19: A few of our appliances are now discontinued after two years, but I did link the newer models below:


We got our countertops from a local shop.  They are LG Viatera in Everest.  Aren’t they beautiful 🙂

Cabinet Pulls

We found these cabinet pulls on Amazon (we have 7-inch pulls).

Update 8/30/2019: here are a few more cabinet pulls I love:

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We wanted a neutral backsplash because our countertops were busy.  My friends Steph and Drew helped us pick out this Oogle tile in Fog Gloss. We got this Tile from DeGeus Tile in Rochester, MN.  If you don’t live near Rochester, I would suggest asking a local tile shop if they can order this tile for you.


We had our electrician install recess lighting throughout the kitchen and then I found this pendant light in Antique Silver on for above the sink: 

Shop more lighting ideas below:


We chose Pergo Max Hildalgo Oak flooring from Lowe’s.  I wanted a grayish, darker wooden textured flooring.  We chose laminate because it has the texture of wood, but won’t scratch like real wood and it was very affordable!  

Counter stools

Once we had our beautiful countertops we needed three counter stools.  I found these on Wayfair.  Easy to assemble and they are very comfortable!

Shop more stools:

Window Coverings

I got these beautiful white and blue curtains at Kohl’s for an amazing price!  I also added grommets to these curtains which I will have a tutorial on shortly!

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The roman shade on the kitchen window is from  I LOVE!  Their customer service is AMAZING and their products are high quality.  This blind is the Classic Roman Shade in Raw Silk Crepe Lily.  It is cordless and so easy to use! 


I got my kitchen decor from a variety of places like Ikea, Target, Amazon, thrift shops and TJMaxx.

Decor Links:

Eat sign    Linkyo compost bin  Small cactus    Tin Holder    Artifical plant    Canister set    Method soap    Mrs. Meyers hand lotion    Round tray    Round Cutting Board    Rectangle Cutting Board    Decorative Canister

More decor:

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

We are so excited about our new kitchen and I really hope this post has given you some inspiration.  This space is now so bright and inviting, I think I might actually enjoy cooking 🙂

81 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Reveal”

    1. LiliesandLife

      Awww thanks girl! I really appreciate the compliment! I’m glad the post inspired you 🙂

    2. Love it! My kitchen set up is almost identical, but I’m having a hard time deciding what to do with the space by the patio door area. Can you show me how you have it decorated in that area? We don’t have a kitchen table back there because it’s too small of a space and the kids like to run around. It doesn’t look like your table is back there either. If you wouldn’t mind showing me Id appreciate it! 🙂

  1. Beautiful! Such a big change without having the adjust the footprint.

    Love the slight curve of the counter. Such a great feature break a little from the standard eat-at countertop but a way more elegant look than the old, awkward angle.

    1. LiliesandLife

      Thank you, Jamie!! Our old peninsula was so awkward! We love the new curve and now it fits 3 counter stools instead of 2.

  2. Hey Emily, I have to say, you have created a beautiful kitchen. I love your thought for kitchen remodelling that’s really a lovely idea. You have an amazing kitchen stuff, which makes your kitchen more beautiful. Thanks!

  3. This is a beautiful kitchen!

    Nice set of stainless steel appliances! I know it can take some time to research and find the best deals but it can be worth it on these otherwise expensive items.

    I also love the planked ceiling which looks just like a cottage or older country house.

  4. Emily – Your kitchen remodel is stunning and your decorating makes it even more beautiful. It has such a refreshing and inviting feel to it! Beautiful!

  5. Hi Emily, great job on your remodeling. I love the tutorial of your ceiling. Straight to the point. I love the backsplash. Can you direct me on how to install your backsplash. Thanks in advance.

  6. Wow, what an amazing kitchen reno!! Truly, I love your reno design. Basically, I love white and I have also white kitchen cabinet. Totally, I’m so impressed. Very nice job!!

  7. I really love the results, it’s simple yet it gives you that illusion that the kitchen looks large, plus the ambiance is just so perfect like I can stay there for a long time haha. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Amazingly accommodating post. This is my first time i visit here. I found such an extensive number of captivating stuff in your blog especially its trade. Genuinely its unprecedented article. Keep it up. I like home remodeling contractor.

  9. Hi, You are really creative. And it looks impressive. I can’t wait to make my kitchen remodel like yours. Can I ask you how much cost you bear for finishing this amazing kitchen? Thanks in advance for giving me the clarification.

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  11. I LOVE your kitchen! You are amazingly talented! Thank you for sharing so many helpful tips! We are about to start a kitchen remodel, and I am in the finalizing stage for choosing a cabinet color and countertop. I happened onto your site last night and fell in love with your style! Thank you for sharing your kitchen with this busy Momma! You truly helped me make the final decision to go with white cabinets, the Everest countertop, and a gray backsplash! Now I can stop searching pictures of cabinets and countertops! I will probably keep coming back to your kitchen pics and other design tips along the way. I just have one question. Since you got your tile local, is the weather gray from Home Depot that you have posted in your “shop” link similar to your kitchen backsplash tile, or did you use the weather gray somewhere else? I’m sure you have answered this already, so I’m sorry to ask you again!

    1. LiliesandLife

      Thank you so much! All of your sweet comments really means so much to me 🙂 The Home Depot gray subway tile is very similar to the tile we chose, yes! I tried to find a tile that was similar at Home Depot so people could find it easier. I wish you all the luck in your remodel and please send me pictures when you are finished! I would love to see 🙂

  12. Hi Emily! Your kitchen looks awesome and this post is extremely helpful for us during kitchen renovation and this blog gives many ideas about kitchen renovation. After renovating your kitchen you get more room to figure and through the renovation proceeded you’ll change the entire structure and accessory of kitchen consistent with your needs. Many thanks for sharing!

  13. Wow and WOW! This is such an amazing transformation! You must spend alot more time in your kitchen now that its that bright and airy! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I was hoping to convey just how much I related with this story while attempting to give it a fair review. It was such an easy and fun read, but left me with a lot to think about.

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  17. Wow, your kitchen turned out amazing! I love the cabinet pulls you chose and how everything goes so well together. I recently had my cabinets replaced and it made my kitchen look so much better! I decided to go with white as well to make the space feel bigger and lighter. Loved reading this post!

  18. Your kitchen looks really fabulous now! Thank you for the inspiration! Bu the way, that’s great that you decided to replace old kitchen appliances. Old appliances not only contain hazardous components and gases that have a direct negative impact on the environment. They also require more energy for their function, which makes the utility bill become higher.

  19. WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! It looks so airy and light, the space feels larger too. I love natural light and from the before photo to the after feels like you added a window. It looks like you added some cabinet space too by deleting that portion of the wall that sticks out. Great job!

  20. Meghan Libby

    Hi Emily,

    I love your backsplash! I actually just sent you an email asking about it (as well as the Everest countertop you chose). I can’t find the site for the tile you used for your backsplash, though. Do you know of another site where we could see it? Thank you! Your kitchen is beautiful.

  21. Hi Emily,

    I love your backsplash! I actually just sent you an email asking about it (as well as the Everest countertop you chose). I can’t find the site for the tile you used for your backsplash, though. Do you know of another site where we could see it? Thank you! Your kitchen is beautiful.

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