Fireplace Reveal

I am so excited to show you our very first finished project; our beautiful Fireplace Reveal!!

Our Fireplace was one of the first finished projects in our house (besides removing our popcorn ceiling). A lot of planning (and arguing) went into this fireplace!  It was really hard for David and I to decide what we wanted to do.  Initially, I thought I was going to whitewash the entire thing, but after thinking about it more we decided to bite the bullet and pay for stone to cover the original brick.  BEST DECISION EVER!


The stone is Country Ledgestone in Echo Ridge.  We got it at a local construction business.  The tile around the gas fireplace is from Lowe’s. We hired our friend to do the masonry and tile work and he did a pretty amazing job!

We painted the inside of the built in shelves Pure White from Sherwin-Williams.  As you can see, we also had to fill in a huge hole where the previous owners had put their Television.  My dad built the framing and dry walled the hole shut.  You can’t even tell it existed!

The paint color we used for our trim and mantle was Pure White by Sherwin-Williams and the color of our walls are painted Reticence by Sherwin-Williams.

Decorating the shelves was my favorite part!  I visited T.J.Maxx, Michaels, Bed Bath & Beyond and garage sales to find all of my decor.

These books are great and I highly recommend them all!


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David, my dad and I made the mantle ourselves.  For more details on how we made the mantle check out my DIY Simple Mantle post.

Full Fireplace remodel including new manufactured stone, a new DIY mantle, and beautiful shelf decor. #fireplace #fireplaceremodel #remodel

This project took a lot of time to decide on the details, but since we hired out the masonry and tile work it wasn’t too difficult for us.  I was extremely excited about this reveal and I hope it gives you some good ideas for your fireplace remodels!

Check out how we made our DIY Mantle here and how removed 2,600 square feet of popcorn ceiling here.






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29 thoughts on “Fireplace Reveal”

  1. What a great job! We have to redo our fireplace, too traditional for us. However, I don’t think we could do it our selves. I love your style and will use it to inspire our design. Great job.

  2. What a great job! We have to redo our fireplace, too traditional for us. However, I don’t think we could do it our selves. I love your style and will use it to inspire our design.

  3. I love seeing what others are doing for their home makeovers. My husband and I have been working on our home for a year and still have a way to go. I love the stone. You did amazing at this remodel.

  4. Going to be redoing our kitchen soon which means taking out the wall the tv is on and placing it above our fireplace. It’s an old 50’s house with white painted brick. Been thinking about tiling it over and love the look you achieved with the stacked stone veneer. They soft grey is much cleaner and sophisticated than the almost calico effect of the old brick you had. Bravo!

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  6. You have done a really good job there! The fireplace looks very pleasing and aesthetic. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures that really inspired me and hopefully many of your other readers too. Home decor can be overwhelming sometimes but the reward you get in the form of satisfaction is just amazing feeling. Keep up the good work and keep being a source of inspiration!

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