Decorating on a Budget: Part 2

I hope Decorating on a Budget: Part 1 was helpful for you!  As I promised, here are the rest of my tips on how to find quality, budget-friendly decor to make your home beautiful!

Tips on finding wall decor and home accents on a budget


I buy the majority of my gallery wall frames from Michael’s.  They have amazing sales (think BYGO or 50%) on frames quite frequently. So I usually plan out what I need and then wait for a sale to snatch them up.  Hobby Lobby also has some great sales on frames, so I suggest you check out their frames as well.

white frameswooden framesblack framesgray frames –  gold frames

DIY Gallery wall Using Etsy prints

Michael’s  – Hobby Lobby 


One very affordable way to fill your frames if you don’t want to use personal pictures is to download prints on Etsy and print them off yourself.  I have all the details on how I do this in my DIY Gallery Wall with Etsy Prints post.

DIY Gallery wall Using Etsy prints


Wall Decor

In my opinion, people have a habit of choosing really small art to decoarte a larger wall.  I think this happens because finding large wall decor can be difficult and expensive.  Two ways I remedy this issue is by creating a gallery wall like this or finding large canvas art.  I like to look for large canvases at Target, Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, and Pier1.  Target has lots of options online and usually has affordable prices.  Kohl’s and Pier1 have frequent coupons and sales so you can price watch the wall art until you have a coupon!

Target  – Kohl’s  – TJ Maxx –  Pier1

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I have said this before and I will say it over and over again: TJ Maxx is THE place to find affordable stylish mirrors!  Seriously go there! I have bought four full-length mirrors from TJMaxx and they have all been $50 each!!! Yes, you read that right, $50 each!!  One thing you do have to remember about TJ Maxx is that sometimes they might not have a good selection of mirrors in stock, but if you be patient and go back a week later they will most likely have more on their shelves.  Every other store sells full-length quality mirrors for at least double that… So…. you are welcome 🙂

Other decor accents

My go-to stores for all other affordable decor accents are Tj Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Target and garage sales/thrift stores.  TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning are amazing for finding affordable, trendy decor. Most items are under $20 and their clearance sections might surprise you.  

Target has amazing decor at budget-friendly prices with their Hearth and Hand, Project 62 and Opal House brands.  Who doesn’t love Target and why wouldn’t you take advantage of their low prices when decorating your house?

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

I also really love finding unique items on garage sales and thrift stores to decorate my house.  I have found some lovely vases, dinnerware, and smaller shelf decor items for less than $1.  So don’t be afraid to stop by a garage sale because you might just find the perfect piece 🙂

I think the main tips to remember when decorating on a budget is to plan out your project, save money and wait for a coupon if you can!  I really hope this was helpful for you and that you can use these tips to find amazing decor!


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