Get to know my Girls: Alicia Goodson + Jeans 101

Today is a first of hopefully many guests for my “Get to know my Girls” series! In my “Get to know my Girls” series I am going to be interviewing some amazing women and asking them for advice on a specific top.

To start my series off, I would like you all to meet my friend Alicia Goodson 🙂 Alicia runs her business called “Styled by Alicia Marie” and is a Certified Wardrobe Stylist in Rochester, MN. We have become fast friends since getting to know each other in the corporate world.

Alicia Goodson stylist from Rochester Minnesota

Alicia is so sweet and her determination has inspired me to make some big changes in my business. Alicia is here to today to tell us about her business along with giving us advice on how to find the best pair of jeans for our bodies (I need this!!).

  1. What do you do?: I am a Certified Wardrobe Stylist who works with women to help take the stress out of getting dressed.
  2. How did you get started in styling?: Well, my very FIRST memory of starting to style/design was actually when I was 8 years old. I would doodle dresses and blouses and think about new and edgy ways to design an item! 🙂 Many years later, I would find myself working for an insurance company that although paid well, was not the job for me! (I did meet my husband there, so it wasn’t all bad :)) When we were getting married, I made the leap to leave and ventured out on my own. I interviewed women in the industry, searched online, had coffee with even more people and then obtained my certification from the Fashion Stylist Institute in California.
  3. What is your Enneagram Number?: 6 (The Loyalist)
  4. What is your favorite quote/verse?: I have a couple that I live by: 
    • African Proverb: “If you think the little things in life don’t make a difference….try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.” (I love this quote because often times it’s the smallest gesture that can mean the most to someone!) 
    • Matthew 21:22 : If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer 
    • Mark Twain: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails”
  5. Where do you love to shop?: So many places! Ha. For work-wear I love White House Black Market and Macy’s. For fun, casual clothes I like Evereve and Mainstream Boutique…but I’m also pleasantly surprised with the options on Amazon! If I’m in the mood for some fast fashion items, I like to go to Zara or H&M.
Alicia Good from Styled by Alicia Marie is here to give us advice on how to shop for jeans!  If you are looking for a stylist in the Rochester, MN area, Alicia is your girl!
  1. What is your favorite book/books?: I recently read “Girl Wash your Face” which I enjoyed and I started “High Performance Habits” ….so we’ll see how long it takes me to read that one! If anything I usually opt for podcasts. I love the Dave Ramsey podcast, Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher and the Rise podcast by Rachel Hollis.
  2. What is a closet edit?: A Closet Edit is is where we break up your wardrobe into three categories: “Donate,” “To keep or not to keep” and “I love this, how else can I wear it.” We go through the pile of clothes you are unsure about and decide whether to keep or donate. Lastly, we take the clothes that you love and learn new ways to style them within your current wardrobe. I have you take pictures so you can remember how we styled the outfit and at the end I give you my Wardrobe Checklist in case there are some staples missing in your closet. I then take all of the items for donation and donate them to the place of your choosing. 
  3. What other services do you offer?: I also offer Personal Shopping Experiences and Wardrobe Delivery Services. The Personal Shopping Experience is for someone looking to update or change their current wardrobe. We pick three stores and I go there ahead of time and pre-pull items. You just show up to the fitting room and try on. You take what you like and leave what you don’t. This is great for the woman who hates to shop or is indecisive. I take out all the stress of shopping and do the work for you! The Wardrobe Delivery Service is very similar… except you never even have to leave the comfort of your home as I bring the clothes to you! The Wardrobe Delivery Service is great for someone looking for a specific outfit, such as for a gala, job interview, date night, etc.

Alicia has been kind enough to give us some advice on how to shop for jeans. I know I struggle with this so follow along if you do as well 🙂

Jeans 101

The Three Parts of a Jean

When shopping for jeans, it’s important to consider the three parts of a jean: The Rise (measurement between the waistband and the crotch), the Inseam (the length of the pant) and the Style ( Skinny, Boyfriend, Flare etc).

Three parts of a jean, the rise, the inseam and the style

For example –  I had two clients that were both 5’6. One wore an average 28” inseam. With the other client we actually had to go over to the petite section to find the perfect pair, as her legs were shorter. No two people are alike even if they are the same height. This is why measuring your inseam is part of what I do at every consultation. Another example is considering the style of the jean. If you are more of a triangle or pear shape, a bootcut jean would be a great option for you. If you’re a triangle, but prefer skinny jeans – opt for a high-rise to elongate your legs!

Trying on Tips

When trying on jeans, you want to make sure they are snug, as they will most likely relax with wear, but not overly tight that they are uncomfortable. You also want to make sure there is no sagging around the crotch area. Excess material says the rise is not right. If you are trying on a high-rise and this happens, ask if they have that style of jean in a mid-rise. You might also want to try going one size down. 

The number DOESN’T Matter

Having said that, it brings me to another point, don’t get hung up on the number on the tag! Women’s sizing varies SO MUCH and I have had clients wear two different sizes in pants from the same store! Another thing to keep in mind is that the jeans should not gap in the back (if this is your issue, try the Good American brand). In the same token, do not try to squeeze into a size you “normally wear” if you can barely breathe and if it’s cutting into your sides, this not only can actually make you look bigger, it’s just plain uncomfortable and that’s not good for anyone! 

Care for your Jeans

Lastly, when it comes to the care of your jeans I always turn mine inside out, wash on cold and hang or lay flat to dry. I never put them in the dryer. I also do not use fabric softener on any of my clothes. 

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Favorite Brands of Jeans: 

Mac and Me by Mainstream Boutique

Click here to find the nearest location to you! 

Just Black

Shop Just black denim here!

Good American
Gap Denim 
Last Words of Advice
  • When questioning whether or not something fits, ask yourself these questions: Does it lay well? Is there any pulling or gaping? Can you move? Do things ride up or slip down when you sit/stand? Most importantly, are you comfortable?! 
  • If you don’t love it…leave it alone. In the words of Marie Kondo “does it bring you joy?” If the only thing that brings you joy is the fact that it’s on sale for $5.99, that’s money wasted towards an “ok” item instead of money towards something you truly LOVE!
Alicia Good from Styled by Alicia Marie is here to give us advice on how to shop for jeans!  If you are looking for a stylist in the Rochester, MN area, Alicia is your girl! Learn how to buy the perfect pair of jeans
Want to connect with Alicia?

“I love working with women to help them feel confident in their clothing so that they can go out and be the amazing humans that they are! If you are tired of staring into a closet full of nothing to wear and you’d love to have someone come alongside you – I’d love to grab coffee and connect!” -Alicia

Alicia’s Contact Information:

320-224-4801 – – InstagramFacebook

I know this was a fun blog post for me and I hope Alicia’s advice about jeans can help you find the perfect pair 🙂

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