5 Kitchen Remodel Money Saving Tips

Are you currently going through a kitchen remodel?  Are you stressing out about how the cost of everything keeps adding up quickly?  Well, here are some tips David and I have learned on how to save money while remodeling our kitchen!

 1. Sell your Old Kitchen Items:

Use Craig’s List, Facebook Sell Groups, garage sales to sell your old kitchen stuff.

-Cabinets: We sold all of our old cabinets for $500.00.  It was great, I posted them on Craigslist and about 12 hours later I had two takers.  I had actually never posted on Craig’s list before this so I was a little nervous about who would respond to my post.  The couple that ended up buying the cabinets was so nice and actually knew my childhood babysitter 🙂


-Old appliances: Fortunately for us, the couple that bought the cabinets from us also wanted our oven and stovetop. Appliances are just as easy to sell online as cabinets.

-Bar stools/furniture- I put our old barstools on my local Facebook Items for Sale group and sold them within two days!  I tend to keep my prices low if I really want something out of my house.  I also make sure to take tasteful pictures so that the items look nice, but I am also very transparent as to whether the items have any flaws. I think I made about $100.00 in five days selling our bar stools and old kitchen decor items

-Flooring- We were able to save almost all of our old laminate flooring, plus it was in great shape.  We ended up giving most of it to my uncle for helping us with our remodel. This would be another great item to put on Craig’s list.

– Lighting- Surprisingly people will buy just about anything, even lights, as long as you have all the necessary parts for installation.  I put the old fan/light that was in our kitchen on our garage sale for $5.00 and SOMEONE BOUGHT IT ha!  Score!

2. Discounted Gift Cards and Online Coupon Codes

David was almost obsessed with finding deals for our kitchen remodel. He found a few websites that sell discounted Lowe’s gift cards for 10% off.  We knew were buying our flooring from Lowe’s and possibly our appliances, so this worked out perfectly!  David’s favorite site to find discount gift cards and other great deals is slickdeals.netRenopower.com also posts coupon codes for Lowe’s.  We used multiple $10.00 off $50.00 purchase to buy our Pergo Hildalgo Oak flooring in $50.00 increments to save us about $400.00!!  It was savings madness!!  

3. Rebates

Menards and Lowes have 11% rebates going on almost all the time.  Take advantage of that whenever you can, especially when you are purchasing big-ticket items like flooring, lighting and appliances!

4. Sign up for email newsletters

These emails might get annoying, but one day it will be worth it when a Free Shipping or $20.00 off coupon code is in your inbox!  The newsletters I subscribed to for our kitchen remodel were Wayfair, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Crate & Barrel and Target.  I was constantly checking daily newsletters for deals!  

I bought my new utensil holder from Crate and Barrel with a 25% off coupon code and a gift card my sister gave me!  Score!

5. Price Watch websites for the big-ticket items

Pricing watching your big purchases will save you so much money!!  David is very diligent when it comes to pricing watching.  He price watched our new refrigerator and oven range for six months before we purchased them.  

Check out my post on Price Watching 101 here.

The keys to price watching are planning ahead and having patience.  You need time to price watch and for some people, this can be difficult.  Trust me, if you plan ahead and price watch your big ticket kitchen items (appliances, flooring, backsplash) you will save big time!  

Five ways to save money during your kitchen remodel. Stick to your Kitchen remodel budget with these great tips! #kitchenremodel #kitchen #moneysaving #budget

Remodeling a kitchen can be VERY expensive!  David and I knew before we even signed the final paperwork for our house that we would be remodeling the kitchen in the near future, so we started saving, dreaming and planning very early.  We knew we needed to find ways to save money, but we also wanted to do it right and purchase quality supplies.  I really hope this post gives you some ideas on how you can save money during your remodel!

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    1. LiliesandLife

      Thanks, Christia! I am loving your blog! Just took and look and can’t wait to read more 🙂

  1. Tori Allmaras

    Wondering if you or anyone else you might know has any extra Hildago oak flooring? I had pike break and need just a few planks, however Lowes no longer makes this. Would like to try to find a few planks if possible, rather than replacing the entire floor!!

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